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How Outbound Voicebot for Lead Qualification generated usd 400000 in revenue?

Floatbot's Voice AI bot generated 20% of the total qualified leads within the first month. Intelligent Voicebot makes 10000+ calls every day.

  • Mar 19 2021
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Outbound Lead Generation



We signed a contract with Floatbot to automate outbound calls and to generate qualified leads. We are extremely pleased with Floatbot platform capabilities and their Voice AI technology. In the last 2 months, we were able to generate revenue of $400,000+ through Floatbot's Voicebot. At present, we are able to generate 20% of our total qualified leads through Voicebot. We aim to generate at least 80% of our total qualified leads through Floatbot's Voice AI platform, in the next 3 months. We got almost 24x7 support from Floatbot's team. I would highly recommend Floatbot to anyone looking for Voice AI to automate their contact center operations.


The Company

The company is a leading Smart Home Rental Program provider, based out of Toronto, Canada, bringing energy solutions, smart homes, and automation to more than 8500 customers. The company assists the customers to upgrade their homes with high-efficiency energy applications. The programs are designed to reduce carbon emissions and to provide a convenient solution to the consumers to offset the environmental impact due to their everyday energy use.


The Challenge


The company was facing challenges in generating qualified leads. It received thousands of calls every day inquiring about the rebate programs. The company has a prospect list of million+ of potential customers.

It was nearly impossible for human agents to call them manually and ask them pre-qualification questions for the rebate program to qualify a lead.

The company was looking for Voicebot integrated with a contact center solution that would help them address the following issues:

  • Automate Outbound calls to 10,000+ prospects daily
  • Ask pre-qualification questions to prospect and generate a qualified lead
  • Book appointments with sales agents for qualified leads
  • Resolve Customer Queries


The Solution


Floatbot's Conversational Voice AI bot generated 20% of the total qualified leads within the first month. The Voicebot simplified the work for agents and saved time. Intelligent Voicebot makes 10000+ calls every day. The bot books appointment of the qualified leads with the sales agent reducing the tele-agents' work to filter out the customers eligible for the rebate program. This reduced overall telemarketing cost by 60%.

The Funnel View Analytics section helped the company to identify at which stage of the application the user dropped off and then to further optimize the bot. Voicebot can also take follow-up calls with the customer and label them as “Qualified”, “Not interested”, “Call back”, “Dropped” which helps the agent for the further process.


Key Use Cases

Floatbot helped the company with the following use cases for Voicebot
  1. Automate Outbound calls for Lead qualification
  2. Inbound Calls to Resolve Customer Queries

Voicebot Demo Video


Tag Calls Section

 Qualified lead

For the outbound campaigns, calls can be custom tagged such as “answered”, “call back”, “dropped”, “not interested”, “appointment booked”, “Machine detected”, etc. This will help the agent to identify which user is qualified for the rebate program.


Within the first 2 months, Floatbot's voice AI helped generate a business of USD 400,000 purely through automated Conversational Bot. The customer also increased the committed minutes and contract size of Floatbot by 4x within 2 months.

40% +
Reduction in Customer Support Cost
80% +
Qualified Lead Generation
Revenue Generated within 2 months