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Jan 13, 2024

Kauvery Hospital Launches Floatbot on their website

As the chatbot technology is emerging, our perspective of looking at various aspects have changed. Changed in the way of dealing with user grievances, user engagement and a need of having a real-time conversation with the users.

With this same thought, Kauvery hospital has launched Floatbot on their website.


With Floatbot, Kauvery hospital aims to provide personalized care to their patients.

  • By helping them to schedule appointments, making this prolonged process quicker.
  • Answering FAQs. We all have waited for endlessly hours to get an answer to a question asked to the human agent. Kauvery’s bot is effectively trained to handle most of the customer queries.
  • Providing complete information regarding health checksups and other hospital information.
  • The chatbot will provide customize details as per the location of the user. As Kauvery hospital is in 5 cities. Each response will be city specific.





Such early implementation will help the hospital to automate the task, cut down waiting hours and improve customer loyalty towards the hospital.
With the launch we have entered Healthcare sector and aim to contribute our best to give automation to various tasks.

Key Takeaway:

Kauvery Hospital has embraced Floatbot, an emerging Gen AI powered conversational AI platform, to enhance patient care and engagement. By streamlining appointment scheduling, providing quick responses to FAQs, and offering comprehensive health checkup information, the hospital aims to deliver personalized and location-specific assistance across its five city-based locations. This early implementation in the healthcare sector signifies a commitment to automation, reduced waiting times, and improved customer loyalty.

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