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  • What is AI Copilot? its features and benefits for your Support Agents?

What is AI Copilot? its features and benefits for your Support Agents?

Learn how AI Copilot enhances your customer support with real time guidance. Explore its features, benefits and how it helps your support agents save time.

  • Mar 20 2024
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What is AI Copilot

Customer support can be tough. Every day, the agents or CSRs face similar customer questions, but they can vary a lot in how tricky they are. And when customers are upset, things can get even more difficult.  

Moreover, CSRs need to manage a high volume of calls and meet the expected speed. This often means working long hours with minimal breaks. The result? Higher average handling time (AHT), reduced productivity, increased customer wait times, decreased CSAT, and potential negative impacts on team morale. Indirectly, poor customer support experience can also affect customer retention. 

How about using a great tool that brings together the potential of AI and humans?  

AI Copilot, powered by Generative AI works like a co-pilot to support your human agents. Let's see how it can streamline and automate customer support workflows dramatically. 

What is an AI Copilot? 

An AI Copilot or Real Time Agent Assist, as the name suggests, is an AI-powered assistant to help live agents, CSRs, sales representatives, and customer service agents with their workflows in real time.  

It semi-automates several parts of the customer support processes to reduce AHT, first-time issue resolution, increase agent productivity and CSAT and achieve real-time quality and compliance monitoring, and more. 

AI copilot works on both voice and chat interactions. It knows how customers feel and what they want, giving quick and customized answers to your human agents during support or sales chats. The agent can make use of these suggestions to quickly resolve queries, troubleshoot issues, or boost digital sales.  

Digital Sales - For example, during a call about auto insurance, the AI Copilot suggests upselling opportunities. If the customer owns a home but lacks homeowners' insurance with the company, it recommends a bundled auto and home insurance package. 

Debt Collections - For example, while the agent is discussing the overdue payment with a debtor, AI Copilot provides real-time suggestions on how to encourage them to make a payment. If the customer mentions experiencing financial hardship due to unemployment, the tool may suggest offering a temporary payment deferral or a reduced payment plan. 

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The Key Features of Copilot

Real-Time Suggestions and Nudges

AI Copilot provides instant recommendations and guidance to human agents during customer interactions (chat and voice), helping them make informed decisions and improve efficiency in resolving queries, boost sales, or increase the rate of debt recovery, etc. 

Conversational Workflows and Decision Trees 

They come up with predefined workflows and decision trees to streamline communication processes for human agents, ensuring consistency and accuracy in responses while guiding interactions toward desired outcomes. 

Knowledgebase Optimization

They come up with predefined workflows and decision trees to streamline communication processes for human agents, ensuring consistency and accuracy in responses while guiding interactions toward desired outcomes. 

Call Summarization 

After each customer call, Copilot generates concise summaries highlighting key points and action items discussed, enabling efficient review and follow-up by human agents. This also helps improve the overall customer support efforts. 

Compliance Meter 

The bot ensures agents follow rules, conducts QA checks, and flags inappropriate behaviors. If a user mentions keywords like "hospital" or "emergency," the copilot AI nudges agents to escalate the case during recall discussions. 

50+ Real-Time Analytics  

Copilot comes with 50+ real-time call analytics. It offers valuable insights into various data of customer interactions, enabling data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement in service delivery. Some of the data include conversation analytics, information extraction, agent performance, sentiment analysis, user satisfaction, issue resolution, call outcome, and regular metrics. 

Real-Time Call Transcription 

AI Copilot transcribes customer calls in real time, converting spoken conversations into written text for accurate documentation and analysis. This makes it easy for post-call review and quality assurance processes. 

Custom AI Models 

AI Copilot offers a range of customizable AI models tailored to specific business needs, such as optimizing knowledgebases, enhancing search capabilities, processing natural language inputs, analyzing speech patterns, and leveraging advanced language models for enhanced performance and functionality. 

The Key Benefits of Copilot

Increase Agent Productivity by up to 50% 

By providing real-time suggestions and information retrieval, AI Copilot enables agents to handle customer queries more efficiently, increasing productivity significantly. 

Reduce AHT (Average Handling Time) by 25% to 30% 

Streamlining the process of finding relevant information and suggesting responses, AI Copilot leads to quicker issue resolution, resulting in a substantial reduction in AHT. 

Increase CSAT (Customer Satisfaction) Score by 80%  

With AI-powered assistance, agents deliver more accurate and timely responses, leading to higher customer satisfaction levels, reflected in a greater increase in CSAT scores. 

Boost in Customer Issue Resolution Rate by 70%  

AI Copilot helps agents access relevant information faster, enabling them to address customer issues more effectively and leading to a significant increase in the resolution rate. 

Enhance CX (Customer Experience) by 85%  

By providing agents with real-time insights, suggested responses, and personalized recommendations, Copilot ensures a smoother and more personalized customer experience, dramatically enhancing CX. 

Improve First-Time Right Resolutions by 60% 

With guidance and suggestions from Copilot, agents provide accurate solutions and responses on the first attempt, increasing first-time resolution rates to a great extent. 

Achieve Real-Time Quality and Compliance Monitoring by up to 100%  

AI Copilot can monitor conversations in real-time, flagging any deviations from quality standards or compliance requirements, ensuring up to a 100% compliance rate and quality adherence. 

Real-Time Analytics and Summarization, Saving Agents 10 Minutes Post-Call 

By analyzing conversations in real time, Copilot provides agents with summarized insights and key points, saving them 10 minutes on average in post-call analysis. 

Closing Words

AI Copilot speeds up processes and saves costs effectively. It dramatically improves contact center agent productivity. By automating tasks and providing quick, accurate responses to queries, it cuts average handling times (AHT). It offers 24/7 support, answers common questions, and reinforces learning for agents in training. Driven by Generative AI, AI Copilot can greatly increase conversion rates, giving your agents exceptional abilities.


Empower your agents with GenAI-powered real-time guidance with Floatbot's Real Time AI Agent Assist or AI Copilot. Efficiently handle customer support calls or sales chats with an AI Copilot. Floatbot's AI Agent Assist understands customer sentiments and intentions. It provides tailored, immediate responses to your agents during support or sales interactions. With Floatbot.AI: 

  • Increase Agent Productivity by up to 50%  
  • Reduce AHT by 25% to 30%  
  • Increase CSAT Score by 80%  
  • Get a Boost in Customer Issue Resolution Rate by 70%  
  • Enhance CX by 85%  
  • Improve First-Time Right Resolutions by 60%  

And more.