AI Agent Assist

Apr 13, 2022

Why is AI Agent Assist a Must-Have Tool for Your Contact Center?

In today's competitive environment, it's nearly impossible for your business to grow without meeting customer expectations, which rise day by day. It demands that you constantly improve your customer experience strategy – look for better tools and technology and improve how you interact with customers.  

Contact center automation through Conversational AI is the latest popular trend among businesses, e.g., equipping human agents with AI agent assist 

What is AI Agent Assist?

Ideally, you would want your human agents to spend less time looking for information and focus more on providing value to customers, solving queries faster, building relationships, generating sales opportunities, and closing deals. 

AI Agent Assist is a tool (AI-Powered software) that executes manual tasks for human agents, such as finding relevant information, while they have conversations with customers over call or chat. 

AI agent assist can increase agent productivity by up to 50%. 

How do AI Agent Assist Help Human Agents?

Business Benefits AI agent assist is integrated into your database. It has access to information related to customer queries. They can immediately find relevant information and present it to your human agents. 


Based on business requirements, AI agent assists may vary in terms of the way they function

AI-Powered Virtual Assistants

In this type of agent assist, the human agent asks the virtual assistant to fetch information. The virtual assistant is typically a Text or Voice interface. The agent commands this virtual assistant either using voice or text based on the interface. 

Floatbot’s AI Agent Assist can self-train itself from unstructured agent data. Also, it can fetch relevant information from unstructured documents.

Real-Time Agent Assist

The AI agent assist can listen to the call, understand the customer's query, and suggest real-time answers to the human agent. This solution is convenient for the agent, and also it avoids keeping the customer on hold. 

Increase Agent Productivity

To make the best out of your agents, you need to provide them with the right tools, such as AI agent assists. After all, the last thing you would want is your agents to spend their time and energy on the exhausting task of finding information.  

AI agent assists enable human agents to focus on what's important, which leads to high agent productivity. 

Faster Resolution of Queries and Happy Customers

Customers love it when you solve their issues faster. AI agent assist takes care of mundane tasks so that human agents focus on delivering delightful experiences to customers. 

Final Thoughts

Thanks to the need to deliver better customer experiences at lower operational costs, Conversational AI has become an integral part of contact center automation. Seeing the global trends, it’s safe to say that AI-Powered Voicebots, Chatbots, and agent assist are the future of contact centers.  

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