AI Agent Assist

Jan 02, 2023

What is an AI agent assist and why it is important for your contact center?

In today's competitive environment, it's nearly impossible for your business to grow without meeting customer expectations, which rise day by day. It demands that you constantly improve your customer experience strategy – look for better tools and technology and improve how you interact with customers.  

Contact center automation through Conversational AI is the latest popular trend among businesses, e.g., equipping human agents with AI agent assist 

What is AI Agent Assist?

AI Agent Assist is an AI-Powered tool that suggests the solution to agents while they are in conversation with the customers over chat or call. It executes manual tasks for human agents of finding relevant information. This is crucial for newly trained agents with less experience in customer interaction. Agents need not ask customers to wait while they search for a resolution.

Ideally, you would want your human agents to spend less time looking for solutions or information and focus on providing value to customers, solving queries faster, building relationships, generating sales opportunities, and closing deals.

Floatbot's AI agent assist guides the agent on what solutions are available for the user query.  

AI agent assist can increase agent productivity by up to 50%. 

How Does Ai Agent Assist Work?

AI agent assist fetches the user queries in real-time from chat or voice and AI evaluates it to offer the solutions to the agent. Agent assist suggests the list of solutions that an agent can offer the user. It can also be integrated with the database to train the AI on all the possible questions a user may ask the agent. Once trained the AI agent can respond to all the common occurrences of the user queries. Depending on the use case the AI can be trained to get the best possible outcome for an agent. An AI agent assist is superior enough to process user information and present the relevant information to human agents. Based on business requirements, AI agent assists can be trained to improve efficiency.

Floatbot AI agent assist fetch user queries in real-time and help an agent to respond to the users in no time. Floatbot’s AI Agent Assist is also capable to self-train itself from unstructured agent data. Also, it can fetch relevant information from unstructured documents. This makes it easy for businesses to feed data to the AI agent. Many a time for an organization it becomes difficult to structure data and feed it to an AI agent.


AI-Powered Virtual Assistants

Virtual assistants are AI tools that help human agents once invoked. The human agent can ask the virtual assistant to fetch information. The virtual assistant is typically a Text or Voice interface. The agent commands this virtual assistant either using voice or text based on the interface. But the limitation of virtual assistants is that they cannot be implemented in a real-time scenario. Human agents do not have time in between the conversation to ask and wait for a response. This would increase the waiting time of the customer. Hence virtual assistants cannot be implemented in a real-time scenario.  

Floatbot’s AI Agent Assist can self-train itself from unstructured agent data. Also, it can fetch relevant information from unstructured documents.


Real–time query resolution

Traditionally when a query comes to the human agent, the agent can only offer the resolution if the query is common, otherwise, the agent has to evaluate a set of solutions to give the appropriate response. He might also have to think about it if the solutions are not feasible. Here AI agent comes to the rescue, AI agent assist resolves queries in real-time. It can listen to the call or fetch the customer chat in real time, understand the customer's query, and suggest real-time answers to the human agent. This solution is convenient for the agent, as it offers real time solution to the agent.

No waiting time

We all have waited for our query resolutions from a human agent at least once in our lives. And many a time it might have also happened that we haven’t gotten any response. This is due to a heavy number of user queries at the agent side in less time, this increases waiting time for users. But with AI agent assist, a human agent does not need to evaluate the solutions and only needs to interact with and provide support to the customer. With AI automation, the search for a query resolution is eliminated at the side of the human agent and hence the waiting time of the users is also eliminated.
Now users need not wait for agents to find a suitable solution, rather can get the query resolved in no time.

Quick query resolution

With the lack of human support, brands are not able to resolve their user queries. This results in unsatisfactory customers. Also, most of the time unsatisfactory users are the result of a long wait for a query resolution. Customers expect brands to resolve their queries quickly. With AI agent assist, the human agents can boost the query resolutions. Customer queries can be resolved quickly without them waiting for long. Customers love it when you solve their issues faster. AI agent assist takes care of mundane tasks so that human agents focus on delivering delightful experiences to customers. Faster query resolution leads to happy customers.

Increase Agent Productivity

Agent productivity increases when agents can solve more customer queries. And to make the best out of your agents, you need to provide them with the right tools, such as AI agent assists. With AI agent assist, human agents can reply to customer queries quickly. After all, the last thing you would want for your agents to spend their time and energy on the exhausting task of finding information.
AI agent assists enable human agents to focus on what's important, which leads to high agent productivity.

Final Thoughts

Thanks to the need to deliver better customer experiences at lower operational costs, Conversational AI has become an integral part of contact center automation. Seeing the global trends, it’s safe to say that AI-Powered Voicebots, Chatbots, and agent assist are the future of contact centers.  

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