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How AI-Powered Chatbots and Voicebots Are Transforming Customer Experience

Leveraging conversational AI platforms for superior customer experience has become an emerging trend among leading businesses.

  • Dec 14 2021


AI-powered Chatbot and Voicebot for Customer Experience

How bot enhanced CX? 

  1. Jon makes an online transaction using a credit card but fails.  
  2. Instantly, he receives an SMS/message from the chatbot of his bank saying his transaction is exceeding the monthly limit.  
  3. The bot asks him if he wants to increase his limit.  
  4. After his confirmation, the bot immediately authenticates his identity using voice biometric and increases the limit.
  5. Jon now makes his transaction, and he is relieved that he didn't have to reach out to his bank customer care and face unnecessary delay. 

This was a real-life example of how superior customer experience banks are providing to their customers.

Today’s technology has raised the bar high for customer support. Whenever the customer needs your assistance, the first thing they expect is your immediate response, be it the middle of a night or holiday. Not just that, they want your complete attention and give them exactly what they are looking for - whether it is a piece of information or seamless processing of service requests.   

It could be challenging to meet this level of customer expectation by providing 24x7 customer support through human agents. Also, it requires a lot of resources - agents, skills, time, money, and whatnot.   

However, an effective alternative is emerging in the market. Businesses across the world are leveraging AI-Powered, intelligent Chatbot and Voicebot to provide 24x7 assistance to their customers.   


Customers Prefer Chatbot and Voicebot

Most customers, 81% of them, attempt to solve matters themselves before reaching out to a human representative, says Harvard Business Review

You can streamline the customer support process with conversational automation and deliver a delightful customer experience.


Conversational Bots are Getting Smarter

Customers find texting more convenient and less disruptive than calling. Instead of having formal voice conversations with a human agent, they prefer texting to a chatbot to get things done - especially when a Chatbot can respond like a normal human being.   

Also, bots have grown matured over time, thanks to the rapid advancement in Conversational AI technology. They can identify intent, context, and sentiments while having conversations with users.  

Chatbot and Voicebot can assist your customer's 24x7 solving their queries instantly without making them wait. They can deal with a great deal of complexity and sophistication in your customers’ support requests. And if required, they can immediately connect your customers to a human agent. 

A Delightful Customer Experience with Conversational AI

Gone are the days when customers would come to you - now you go to customers proactively. Also, you don't want to miss any opportunity that can improve the customer experience you deliver. Fortunately, conversational AI can help you in many ways. 

A) Consistent, Omni-Channel Experience

Some Conversational AI platforms like Floatbot help you interact with your customers on the channels they prefer, be it Text/SMS, Messenger, or WhatsApp. Also, your customers can switch the channels without losing the context. For example, if the user dropped off on the app, they can continue over Text/SMS.   

B) Multi-Lingual

Multi-lingual conversational AI Chatbot and Voicebot can help you interact with your customers in their native language. For example, our platform supports more than 150+ languages.  

C) Voice AI

Customers love it when they have an option of voice available along with the chatbot. Sophisticated conversational AI platforms leverage voice & speech recognition technologies and provide the voice option to the customer.  

To Sum Up

Leveraging conversational AI platforms for superior customer experience has become an emerging trend among leading businesses. AI-powered Chatbotand Voicebot can easily imitate human agents. And the innovation in Conversational AI technology is going on at a fast pace, making the bots more intelligent every day. 

Do you want to know more about conversation AI chatbot and voicebot, you can reach out to us. We would be happy to learn about your business objectives and talk about how we can address them.