Nov 09, 2023

Floatbot.AI Joins Forces with Guidewire's Insurtech Vanguard Program - Shaping Tomorrow's Insurance Generative AI Landscape Today

Milpitas, California – November 8, 2023 

Floatbot, Inc, the innovative force behind Generative AI-powered no-code Conversational AI solutions for the insurance industry, is thrilled to announce its membership in Guidewire's Insurtech Vanguards program. This groundbreaking initiative, led by Guidewire, a true pioneer in the property and casualty (P&C) cloud platform sector (NYSE: GWRE), is set to redefine the way insurers operate and connect with their customers.  

Insurtech Vanguards isn't just a program; it's a vibrant community of forward-thinking startups and tech innovators shaping the future of P&C insurance. Guidewire takes on the role of a mentor, connecting visionary insurtechs with Guidewire's esteemed P&C clientele. 

With genuine excitement, Jimmy Padia, Founder and CEO at Floatbot.AI, shared his thoughts: "We're excited to join Guidewire's Insurtech Vanguards program and help empower insurers with their Generative AI initiatives. As a new Guidewire Insurtech Vanguard, we anticipate collaborating with insurance carriers, MGAs, and fellow insurtechs to help revolutionize their Claims FNOL operations, boost digital sales, and deliver exceptional customer experiences." 

Laura Drabik, Guidewire's Chief Evangelist, believes Floatbot.ai is going to reshape insurers: "We’re thrilled to have Floatbot on-board as our newest Insurtech Vanguard. Floatbot can help insurers leverage Generative AI, elevating customer service and trimming operational costs. We believe Floatbot is about to empower insurers in a big way with cutting-edge Generative AI ." remarked Laura Drabik.  

Floatbot's Generative AI-powered Conversational AI platform isn't just powerful; it's a catalyst. It offers pre-built solutions for pivotal use cases like "Claims FNOL", “Claims Status”, "Quote-to-Sales", "customer support" and "AI agent assist" The US based Home owners carrier that we are working with will reduce the cost of claims FNOL by 80% and makes it available 24x7 with no limit on concurrent calls and sessions, especially during the catastrophe. 

About Floatbot, Inc 

Floatbot —a Generative AI-powered SaaS-based no-code, end-to-end Conversational AI platform. Its purpose? To enrich insurance companies, agents, and brokers in crafting self-service chatbots and voicebots, initiating a new age of effortless customer interactions. For contact center agents, it's a trusted companion with its AI Agent Assist bots, ensuring each interaction reaches its zenith. 

And the latest chapter in Floatbot's journey? 'Agent M ', a Generative AI-powered Master Agent, joins the ensemble, alongside its low-latency LLM, methodically trained on the intricacies of the insurance sector. 'Agent M' is a Master Agent framework, enabling you to create a league of LLM-based agents. These agents work in harmony, handling intricate tasks, from natural language-based API calls to data connectivity. They orchestrate complex dialogues, seamlessly managing the intricacies of Insurance Quote-to-Sales and Claims FNOL. 

Floatbot's Generative AI is geared up to redefine the insurance landscape, paving the way for a future where efficiency, automation, and customer satisfaction coexist in perfect sync. To learn more about Floatbot, please visit floatbot.ai and connect on Linkedin, Twitter and Instagram. 


For inquiries, please contact: 

Insurtech Vanguard contact name: Jimmy Padia 

Title: CEO & Founder 

Company name: Floatbot, Inc 

Phone number: +1 (650)-679-4167 

Email: jimmy.padia@floatbot.ai 

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