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  • Floatbot is a Genesys Partner Now!

Floatbot is a Genesys Partner Now!

After Floatbot-Genesys Partnership, Genesys-based contact centers can leverage our conversational AI platform to build AI-powered Voicebots and Chatbots.

  • Dec 29 2021


Voicebot - Contact Center Automation

We are proud to announce that we have partnered with Genesys—one of the largest contact center solutions providers in the world. This partnership allows us to add value to thousands of Genesys customers and partners.  

Genesys customers are leveraging Floatbot UNO to achieve the following business objectives 

Provide a Superior Customer Experience 

  • Don’t make your customers wait until a human agent is available. Assist customers 24x7 
  • Deliver hyper-personalized experience to customers based on their behaviour, sentiments, and intent 

Automate Outbound Calls 

Leverage a Voicebot to 

  • Make calls automatically to customers and ask them a set of pre-qualification questions 
  • Book appointments of qualified leads with agents 


Increase digital sales:  

  • Enable users to find information quickly through human-like conversations  
  • Automatically send appropriate recommendations to customers to cross-sell and upsell 


Improve Agent Productivity: 

Deploy a virtual assistant for your human agents that is able to 

  • Make automated calls and ask pre-qualification questions 
  • Qualify leads  
  • Book appointments of qualified leads with human agents 


Deliver an Omnichannel Experience 

  • Enable your customers to have conversation with you on their preferred channel, such as Text/SMS, Messenger, WhatsApp, the website/app, and call 
  • Interact with your customers across channels without losing the context of the conversation 


Leverage Multi-lingual capabilities 

  • Talk to your customers in their native language 
  • The bot supports English, Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese, and Hindi 


About Floatbot 

Floatbot is a leading SaaS-based, no-code Conversational AI platform, which helps you deliver a superior customer experience through intelligent Voicebot and Chatbot. We help you increase digital sales, automate customer support, and cut down operations costs. 


About Genesys 

Genesys is providing the next level contact center solutions to thousands of organizations across 100+ countries. Leveraging the power of AI and cloud, they are helping their clients deliver exceptional customer experiences. They enable organizations to provide personalized experiences, interact with empathy, and win customers' trust.