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  • Launching Next-Gen AI Agents to Empower the Core Insurance Operations

Launching Next-Gen AI Agents to Empower the Core Insurance Operations

Floatbot's advanced AI agents empower insurance operations by automating tasks, boosting efficiency, and increasing revenue.

  • Jun 05 2024
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Insurance is a dynamic and complex industry. And staying ahead means being flexible enough to meet the evolving demands of the sector. The status quo just won’t do it anymore.

That’s why Floatbot.AI has engineered four powerful AI Agents to ensure - claims are filed instantly, adjusters save hours daily, underwriters boost premiums effortlessly, customer support is available 24/7/365, and more to address the end-to-end needs of insurance carriers.

After months of dedicated work, the GENAI AGENTS are finally here!
Let these four AI Agents work tirelessly to skyrocket your efficiency and revenue while you focus on taking your business to the next level.

LISA – Automating Claims FNOL & Support

Claims is a ‘high-volume’ area in insurance. As the initial step in claims processing, FNOL is critical—yet it's also incredibly resource-intensive. Claims representatives often find themselves getting caught in a sea of forms.

LISA automates up to 80% of that, cutting down your claims operational costs by 40%. She ensures error-free processing, answers queries 24/7, and keeps claimants updated. Your cost per claim? Drops from $30-$45 to under $5.

LISA has already filed 10,000+ claims for 6+ Insurance Carriers, helping them save $400,000+!

Eliminate Claims FNOL bottlenecks with advanced capabilities of LISA:

  • Automate Claims FNOL by up to 80%
  • Enable Claims FNOL on call or text
  • Integrate with leading claims solutions
  • Unlimited scaling to handle fluctuating claims volumes
  • Empower claims and customer support reps


ADDI – Augmenting Adjuster Productivity

While phone-tagging, generating reports, and inspecting properties are inevitable in an adjuster’s workflow, it doesn’t mean the adjuster has to do the task. With ADDI, you don’t have to. He was engineered to handle the time-consuming tasks that drain an adjuster’s day. So that you can focus on critical cases instead of doing grunt work.

ADDI can help adjusters save 40+ hours per month, per month and increase adjuster productivity by up to 45%!

Prioritize complex claims with advanced capabilities of ADDI:

  • Schedule and reschedule appointments
  • Generate reports faster
  • Seamlessly communicate with claimants on SMS/text
  • Enable real-time translation
  • Search through knowledge bases, policy and coverage docs
  • Integrate with your work applications like Verisk, Guidewire, CoreLogic, etc.


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AURA - Maximizing Underwriter Productivity & Distribution

Underwriters face a common challenge - administrative tasks consume far too much of their workday. Industry data reveals that underwriters spend only 30% of their time on core underwriting functions. The remaining 70%? Lost to repetitive paperwork.

AURA frees underwriters to concentrate on strategic decision-making, the kind that requires human expertise, judgment, and industry knowledge. She was specifically designed to streamline the tasks of underwriters. Results? Premium volumes increase by 10-15%.

Boost underwriting efficiency and drive profitable growth with advanced capabilities of AURA:

  • Assess risks
  • Determine loan terms
  • Set premiums
  • Evaluate creditworthiness
  • Instant auto-approvals for pre-defined low-risk applications
  • Faster application-to-bind turn around


LEXI - Automating Billing, Policy, & Support Calls

Many insurers struggle with slow policy issuance, billing errors, and inconsistent support. Policy creation often takes 15-30 days due to manual data entry, complex underwriting, and time-consuming compliance checks.

One in five insurance bills contains errors from manual miscalculations or misapplied payments, leading to overcharges that erode trust or undercharges that bleed revenue.

LEXI streamlines and automates everything from billing to policy issuance and customer support calls.

Automate manual tasks and deliver superior customer support with advanced capabilities of LEXI:

  • Automating billing tasks
  • Policy management
  • Seamless customer support
  • Supercharging sales or service reps
  • Optimizing workflows
  • Streamline digital onboarding



The insurance industry is evolving and demanding. Floatbot’s AI Agents are here to address those demands and empower your core operations, boost your revenue, and free up your human agents and reps to focus on what they do best. Don't waste time on manual tasks, bottlenecks, and administrative burdens.

Get LISA, ADDI, AURA, & LEXI to do it for you. Schedule a demo right away.