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  • Launching Agent M – Generative AI powered Master Agent Developer Framework, at NYSE Floor Talk 

Launching Agent M – Generative AI powered Master Agent Developer Framework, at NYSE Floor Talk 

Introducing Agent M - a powerful Large Language model or ChatGPT based Master Agent developer framework, that lets you create multiple LLM-based Agents.

  • Jul 26 2023


Agent M Launch at NYSE Floor Talk

We are here with the most awaited launch – Agent M. Agent M is a powerful Large Language model or ChatGPT-based Master Agent developer framework, that lets you create multiple LLM based Agents. 

  • Agent M framework allows to create use case specific agents with custom skills to perform tasks, and Agent M orchestrates between them 
  • Each such agent can be further trained on specific skills, for example, customer support skills, Sales skills, Helpdesk skills 
  • These Agents are trained on past conversations, thoughts, and examples or process examples such as Insurance quote-to-sales 
  • Such Agent can make natural language-based API calls to push or pull data or search through an unstructured knowledge-base or navigate the process such as Insurance Quote-to-Sales or Claims FNOL to provide a very contextual answer 
  • You can customize, Restrict, and build Guardrails around LLM, with Agent M, specific to your environment.  
  • Build and deploy ChatGPT 4.0 Plugin with Agent M 

Checkout what our CEO & Founder has to say about Agent M 

“Many companies are investing heavily in LLM space and trying to move fast — but we are innovating at the speed of light, and that has led to inception and launch of Agent M powered by Floatbot.AI, LLM powered Master Agent developer framework, that lets a business apply any LLM for a specific use case, with their data and set of APIs. I am really proud of our team, at our core, we have an inventor mindset -- constantly learning, experimenting with new approaches, changing to get it right, and ultimately succeeding. We are grateful to our customers who are happy with the pace of innovation in Floatbot’s Generative AI modules over the last six months. This is just the beginning to many more innovations at Floatbot.AI that is well underway”                                                                                                            - Jimmy Padia, CEO & Founder – of Floatbot 

Business Use-Cases


Floatbot.AI has already signed contracts of Agent M with large Banks, Insurance companies, and Contact Center Outsourcers. Here is what some of Floatbot’s customers have to say 

“I can see capabilities and potential for Agent M to revolutionize contact center and back-office operations. Agent M can tackle all repetitive tasks so that human agents can focus on complex and high-value activities increasing their productivity. Agent M also has analytics and reporting capabilities that give a crystal ball to managers. Agent M has the capability to seamlessly integrate all the systems; they can get all the datasets from different systems and locations. Agent M has fantastic machine learning capabilities and makes sure that human agents can adapt to all the language nuances and trends. Agent M is so relevant that it helps to always stay ahead of the curve.” 

- CJ Shah, Chief Sales Officer at Allsec Tech, a BPO company, backed by Fairfax Holdings 


“We are excited about Agent M launch since it is built on large language models, hopefully, it will allow us to implement generative AI for our automation efforts. Looking forward to seeing it automating customer queries.” 

- Narendra Mainali, Head of Digital Transformation, NIC Asia Bank, Nepal 


“As one of the senior leaders of our service provider organization, I am pleased to share with you how Floatbot's conversational AI-based platform has transformed our ability to provide exceptional solutions to our customers while revolutionizing the customer experience for end users. By leveraging Floatbot’s features, we have been able to seamlessly manage end-user interactions across multiple channels including phone, IVR, web chat, WhatsApp, and more. The AI-driven chatbots and voice assistants have not only improved our operational efficiency but also enabled us to deliver personalized and prompt responses to our client's customers. With Floatbot, we are able to tailor our services to individual needs, resulting in higher customer satisfaction and loyalty. This drives our excitement for Agent M launch, since it is built on LLMs, we will be able to leverage Generative AI to automate customer queries. Looking forward to it!” 

- Rinoo Rajesh, Digital Leader - Conneqt Business Solutions