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Feb 01, 2023

3 Things We Can Expect More From Chatbot In 2024

A survey conducted by Spiceworks revealed 40% of large businesses will implement Intelligent Assistants or Chatbot by 2024. 

Since the time chatbot has been launched, we have seen them progressing and been deployed on various platforms.

Be it on various platforms in sectors like an e-commerce sector, healthcare sector, government sector, or any other. The massive popularity it gained was due to its simplicity and distinctiveness it brought in the way of communicating.

Some myths that are still buzzing around chatbots are that they only automate tasks, but the splendid use of AI technology helps them to go beyond automating task and answering FAQs. Artificial intelligence is what underpins intelligence conversation with the user.

So, can you order a pizza using chatbot? Book an appointment? Purchase online? 

The answer is Yes.  

Intelligent conversations have become the driving force for moderating the communication patterns that have been followed for a long time.

Today in this blog, we would discuss chatbot elements that will buzz around a lot in 2024.  And their impact on your communication with the end user.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Chatbots are robots, no denying that. But soon, we are going to see them become more like humans.

More like humans? What does that mean? 

The way we (humans) are able to understand each other’s language and respond according to the context of what the opposite person is saying. The same way chatbots are able to communicate with the help of NLP.

Natural language processing popularly known as NLP bridges the gap between human conversation and bot understanding. The way our computer uses various tools to understand our language. The same way, NLP helps to understand our language.

We all can agree to this that these days the need for personalized response have increases than receiving an automated message. With chatbot making communication easier, we’ll see a rise in the use to NLP for the chatbot to be more and more like a human that can read a text, analyze it and trigger an accurate response.

We pretty much see it growing in this coming time as we all would prefer a personalized reply over an automated response.

Voice chatbot

Voice assistants have become widespread in a short span of time. Just over a command, your work is done. How convenient does this sound? 

Marketers are exploring the untapped potential of voice-based assistances as statistics say that 27% visit the website of a local business after conducting a voice search. They give the customers the ease to find information about any particular product or service over a command.

The convenience that comes from voice assistance will be influencing digital communications as well. Brands trying to spread their message to reach potential customer’s offline as well as online, such chatbots will have a huge impact on how searches that are conducted online.

ComScore predicts that 50% of all searches will be accomplished by voice search in 2020. Which is only 12 months from now, so this year we look forward to more and more marketers testing speech recognition via chatbot.


Conversational AI 

We all prefer to chat over email, chat over visiting the brand for information, and chat over many traditional ways of communicating. It has become the most preferred way for us.

Some marketers are using this approach of communication with the help of conversational AI.

Conversational AI is the ability of machine to interact with humans in a natural language. Machines with the help of AI not only have a conversation in a natural language but also learn from those conversations.

With every conversation, chatbot self-learns, and strikes to give the desired output by hitting the nail on the right head.

Conversational AI in 2024 is going to build up more and more for the chatbot to function as desired.

What chatbot has done since its launch has surprised us. NLP, Voice chatbot, and Conversational AI will be the highlights of 2024 but chatbots can have different ways to thrill us. 

These trends and elements will be manifested to improve the conversation with the end-user. We’re super excited to see what more this technology has to show us!

If you feel like a newbie to this word or this technology, we have got your back. You can read our complete guide on what is a chatbot, why is it important, conversational AI, and many more topics covered in our blog. You can start reading here.

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