Benefits you enjoy when you integrate a chatbot on your website.

Aug 10, 2018

Benefits you enjoy when you integrate a chatbot for website

In no time, chatbots are going to be universally accepted by every marketer as their major tool of communication. Because of its ability to provide instant information to the customers. As per HubSpot, 2017 report, 57% of consumers are interested in chatbots for their instantaneity.

In today’s blog, I am going to talk about how your website needs a multi-tasker like a chatbot. For those who are new to this concept of chatbot, can read our blog on what is a chatbot ?

For an overview, a chatbot is a computer program designed to strike conversations with your customers using the power of the internet.

Bu using internet, we are progressing towards making several tasks easier. How easy has it become to know about a product or a service with the help of a website? 

It is now equivalent to going to an offline store and purchasing a product or a service. But there is something still missing from your online store? (The missing element is not a chatbot) 

Imagine this,

When you want to buy white Nike shoes, what is the first thing you do in the store? Ask for assistance and the person exactly takes you to the place where these shoes are available.

As a customer, you don’t need to go to every section of the store to find the shoes. What helped you get there was assistance. This assistance seems to be a bit lost on most of the websites.


Here goes my first point on how chatbot can benefit your website.

A) Chatbot works as an assistant

In the above scenario, a chatbot can act as an online assistant for your online store. Many times due to lack of assistance the customer leaves your site without making any buying decision and end up forgetting about you.

With the help of a chatbot, it can give them information like if the shoes are available or if they’re out of stock. They can also extract emails to inform when the shoes will be back in the store. By doing this the customer can be reminded about their shoes, available with you by sending lead mail or broadcast.

As the customer receives such kind of personalized gestures from the brand it helps to keep up with the customer satisfaction level.  As it shows them how important are they to the brand. This won’t let them cloud their judgment based on a bad experience on your site.  


B) A help desk which is always online

I had read a very interesting information about human behavior.

If a video doesn’t stream within 10 seconds after the user has clicked on, they are most likely to not watch the video. The time a user would wait is ONLY 10 SECONDS. Imagine the same user getting a response for their query after 10 hours.

A chatbot becomes a help desk for customer queries, issues, and problems. Not only solving issues online but helping you to automate your task of answering FAQs. The time saved here for answering repetitive questions can be used for other developmental activities. 

A chatbot is a 24/7 help desk without any breaks and holidays. 

Sometimes your customers would like to talk to a human agent. The bot understands the request and switches the conversation to a human agent. On Floatbot, when the bot is not able to answer a query more than three times it automatically switches to an agent.


C) Your online salesperson

Before we make any purchase decisions there are so many questions that run through our head. The quality, refund, pricing and what not. A chatbot can be an easy and appealing way for customers to interact and ask their questions.

Like a salesperson, a chatbot gives all the required information to the customer before making the final decisions. It becomes an influencer or let’s say that friend who helps in making the buying decision. 

The quality that makes chatbot different from your human sales agent is that the chatbot can effectively talk to multiples leads at one go.

It can trigger a response to thousand queries at one time without compromising the quality of output.


D) Data generator

By providing valuable information to the customers, chatbot gathers important data from them for you to understand users experience with the bot.

With built-in AI and various machine learning powers chatbot read between the lines, collects valuable data that helps you to train the bot with various questions asked by the user.

In analyzing your bot you discovered that the user is asking more about product A and complaining about not receiving the product on time.

This information gives you an insight that product A is working well for your brand so the marketing over social media for the product can increase. Similarly, understanding there is a need to keep a check on the delivery process as it is a pain point for most of the customers.

Here you dont need any third party data mining tool or you don't need to buy any platform to extract such data. On Floatbot's Analyze tab, you get details like- Answered and Unanswered queries, sentiments of the user, and important intents to train your bot with.


Floatbot Analyze tab



Another way how a chatbot can work with your data is by building a conversational AI bot. Conversational AI allows the bot to interact with the users in a natural language helping them to learn from conversations.

It is the ability of the machine to let the bot learn and perform the activity. With your live chat data, you can create an intelligent and a data-driven chatbot. To know how it is done check here.


chatbot for website

Reading about what all a chatbot can do for your website there might be questions popping up regarding how to create a chatbot for website? How to integrate chatbot in the website?

This complete process is made simple by Floatbot. 

The first important thing to do is to build a chatbot based on your product or service. Our code-free platform will help you to build a chatbot from scratch. After you’ve built a chatbot, you will only have to copy a simple script and paste it after the <body> tag on each page.



Easy and hassle free! Don't believe us?

Give it a try today: Floatbot

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