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  • Payworld Case Study - How Real-time Queries got Diverted to a Bot

Payworld Case Study - How Real-time Queries got Diverted to a Bot

Payworld launched a chatbot on its portal and here is how it has helped them for their customer queries.

  • Oct 31 2018


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Payworld which is India’s largest mobile financial services companies. Founded in 2006 by sugal & damani group. The company provides financial services such as money transfer, recharges, bill payments, insurance point of sale and GST filling etc.

Here is the case study about how payworld solved their problem with the help of a chatbot.

The Problem

Being one of India's largest mobile financial services, payworld encounters hundreds of retailer queries on daily basis. Which made them try a solution that would help them reduce on an average 50-60% of queries.

Before implementing a chatbot, their existing customers used to call their customer support and ask about their issues. A massive amount of customer base would definitely result in waiting for a long time to get the query solved, which is not good for any business.

The aim of deploying a bot was to divert the calls of customer support to a virtual assistant that can answer major queries and lessen the burden of their customer support.

The Solution

The solution to their problem was an intelligent virtual assistant chatbot which they named as “Mira” that understands and helps their customer by replying to their queries in no time. And therefore they preferred creating a chatbot with floatbot as their solution to the queries which they encounter regularly from their users.

They created the workflows and added all the details about their services so that the new users can also get all the required information from the chatbot itself.

chatbot on payworld website

They include following functionalities to their bot:

  • Provide all the detailed information to new users.


payworld bot

  • Existing users can check their transaction status, raise a ticket for their service, check complaint status and much more.


payworld bot existing user

  • Existing users can also upload their identity documents from the bot.
  • Existing users get all the guides and data for their services from the bot which they might search on their portal.
  • Also, the bot is made intelligent by training with appropriate AI queries.


After the completion of the bot, the payworld team is extremely happy with the solution which we offered them and the bot has turned out to be a success in addressing their customer queries.

The number of users that communicated were 23200+ with 622 daily users and 3551 monthly users.

Wise words in feedback from Payworld team


Technology never stops growing, one such AI technology via Floatbot have added another star to our website
We are fully satisfied with the regular support and the performance of the Floatbot team, so far it’s been an amazing journey with lots of learning and good partnership. Wishing you guys more power and great associations ahead!

This gave us a boost of motivation for our efforts. And this truly proves that technology can help us in many ways if implemented correctly.

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