Mar 06, 2019

Client Study: 5 Important Elements our Clients Asked for while Deploying a Chatbot

Every year we notice significant changes technology brings in the way we communicate. Who would have thought, we would use chat as a tool to communicate with brands? The tool that helps us to stay connected to our friends and family now connects us to our favorite brands.

79% of customers say they prefer live chat purely because of the immediacy it offers compared to other channels.

Chatbot has become one such platform to give customers their preferred channel of communication. Because of the convenience, it provides, and their implementation on various platforms where they spend most of their time.

Today, we would like to discuss 5 chatbot elements our clients asked during bot development.

1) Omni-channel Integration

Chatbots are considered to be multi-faceted as they spread out on multiple social platforms and enterprise applications. 3 out of 5 clients preferred to be on more than one platform.

Website is the most popular integration for every client. Social platforms like Facebook, apps, and voice-assistance are gaining momentum. And in enterprise application, Zendesk is the popular one.




2) Artificial Intelligence 

Chatbot without AI is just an automating task and FAQ answering bot. AI helps the bot to understand what the users say and trigger an accurate response or around the context of the query.

On our platform, the chatbot is trained at two levels basic AI and advance AI. Some of our clients used AI to train the chatbot with user intents, vernacular language queries, payment related intent, and service intent.



Basic AI & Advance AI


3) Payment integration

Digital payments are thriving and gaining a lot of attraction especially from the millennials. Instant payment within the messaging app or by e-wallet has become a convenient option these days. 

For brands, where payment as an activity needs to be executed quickly, our pre-configured payment gateways play an imperative role.

Top-up recharge bot, appointment booking bot, and product & service bot are where the pre-configured gateways worked well.




4) Location

Location was a newly added feature in our bot building element when one of our client requested it for their cab booking service.

The users of their service could send the location using Google Maps via chatbot.




5) Live agent support

It is safe to say that live agent support is one of the popular element among all. Chatbot is a continuous learning and growing model, which might need an agent's help during emergency hours.

At times, when the bot is not able to understand what the user says or when the user directly wants to speak to an agent this feature solves such issues. 

As said before chatbot is a learning and growing model, it is now making its way to reducing customer support by striking real-time conversation. One of our clients was keen to use chatbot to reduce customer support by 50-60%. The implementation of the bot led to a reduction in customer support by 30%.

Quick tips for you while developing a chatbot

  • Before starting the chatbot development process set a goal. What will be the purpose behind building a chatbot? Example - Lead generation, Customer engagement, reduce customer support, and so on.
  • When the goal is fixed, it will be easy to build a bot structure and select the elements required. For example - if you need some information from the users then user input will be an ideal element.
  • Let AI be the hero of your chatbot. Without AI your bot will not be able to achieve the expected output.
  • Based on your product and your target audience look for platforms where they are highly active. Be it on social platforms and enterprise application, integrate your chatbot
  • Seek a piece of expert advice that could help you to get more insights, structured details about chatbot and its development.  


These steps will help you in your chatbot building process. And if you looking for an expert advice? We’re not away. We are an AI chatbot and voicebot development platform that helps you build a bot without any coding experience. If you have any question related to chatbot, its development, or how will chatbot work for you, let us virtually meet. You can write to us at


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