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Jul 25, 2020

Floatbot featured as Global Digital Assistant for Healthcare

Floatbot is featured in a report published by Research and Market for Global Digital Assistants in Healthcare.

The report is segmented based on the user interface, by type, by deployment mode, by application, by end-user, by region, competition, forecast & opportunities by 2025.

Floatbot is mentioned as one of the major players in the Healthcare market.
The report comprises of market outlook including market size and forecast on global digital assistants across various continents, market dynamics, market trends & development, competitive landscape, and strategic recommendations.

Check out the report.

Floatbot helps you build AI-Powered omnichannel Chatbots and Voicebots without coding. We are a world-leading provider of contact center automation solutions to automate customer support and claims FNOL and increase customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores. We also provide deep tech ASR and Voice Biometrics solutions. 

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