Configure Payments in your Floatbot

Mar 15, 2018

configure payments in floatbot

But this is not the case with Floatbot.

Floatbot being a DIY chatbot development platform, you can not only create chatbots but also configure payment gateways easily in few steps.
All you need to do is follow the 2 simple steps and set up payment gateway in your chatbot.

Step 1: Goto Configure section from chatbot dashboard

transactions with floatbot


Step 2: Add appropriate credentials (ID and secret key) of payment gateways and select currency to enable transactions.

add payment details


After configuring payment modes, you will be able to add “Buy” option in your bot.
You can check the list of transactions performed with your chatbot from account dashboard.

buy option in chatbot


Key pointers to remember

  • The current payment modes available are Razorpay and Paypal
  • You will need to provide accurate details of your account so the process could work properly.

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