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  • Introducing Flow Point to Remember Customer Footprints

Introducing Flow Point to Remember Customer Footprints

Floatbot's feature - Flow Point remember users last interaction and enables user to resume from the same point.

  • Jun 16 2020
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flow point

Floatbot recently launched a feature called as “Flow Point”.

This helps chatbot track users last activity and the bot will resume from same step where user left in last interaction.

This is useful when a user is in middle of a workflow process and needs to complete the flow, flow point helps user to kind of remind where they left previously and can further continue with the process.

For instance, if user is going through a conversational journey of filling up a form and leaves the bot in middle, then a reminder can be sent to users with a chatbot link. Once the user resumes from the link, the user will continue from the last unanswered question.

Once you add flow point, it will remember that position of the user, and it also gives option to clear the flow point.