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Introducing VoiceGPT

VoiceGPT is a Generative AI powered Voicebot technology fine-tuned by Floatbot.AI with low-latency LLM models, delivers real-time responses on calls and agent assist.

  • Sep 19 2024
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We’re excited to launch Floatbot VoiceGPT. With a lot of effort, we have fine-tuned the LLM model to respond in real-time on a phone call or real-time agent assistance with low latency LLM and deep-tech architecture on inference. 

VoiceGPT is the most powerful Voicebot technology powered by 100% Generative AI Low-Latency LLM models.  

The Floatbot product team has put in a lot of effort in fine-tuning the LLM model to achieve low latency for real-time phone calls for voicebot and agent assist. After working hard on LLM models, we have achieved the desired latency for real-time calls. Bots built on these LLMs are available to assist agents in real time (AI Agent Assist).  

Floatbot’s VoiceGPT excels in understanding natural language and responding with human-like precision.

VoiceGPT effortlessly handles even the most complex customer inquiries, all while streamlining operations. Further, fine-tune VoiceGPT with Agent M - our Master Agent Framework to enhance customer experience with Gen AI. 

Whether it’s scheduling appointments or booking flights, VoiceGPT can free up your team to focus on higher-value tasks. 

You can try VoiceGPT by calling +1 (650)-640-1015 or +91-278-663-0058. 

Here’s a demo of VoiceGPT. 

With Floatbot’s VoiceGPT: 

  • Increase digital sales by 150% 
  • Reduce customer support costs by 35% 
  • Increase total qualified leads by 35%