hosted bot in floatbot

Now share your Floatbot URL with your Users by one click

May 02, 2018

Floatbot allows you to make your bot public. You can share your bot URL by giving it public access.
To make floatbot public, Goto settings of the bot you want to make public.



In settings select other settings.

other settings


Check the option for “Allow public access of bot”

hosted bot


This will make your bot hosted and provide you with the unique URL for your bot. Then click on update button below and then you are ready to share your bot !
Note: You can make your bot public only if you have given label to your bot. (To give label, goto web settings).


  • Easy to reach out to your potential customers by just sharing a URL.
  • Sharing a bot in the form of URL helps you to send polls, surveys, updates etc. which in turn helps you in generating leads.

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