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Feb 28, 2018

Adopt the 5 in 1 Approach for your Facebook Page Right Now !!

Remember the time, when Facebook was vigorously growing in the digital market? From a teen to a multinational company everyone wanted to have a Facebook presence but their preferences were different. The teenager wanted to make friends, stay updated with the online world. While companies and firms wanted more and more people to know about their product. Unfortunately, if a brand failed to have Facebook page reactions would be like “WHAAT, your brand is not on Facebook?”

Since then people are making a lot of friends and sharing memes more than that :P. But the question for brands has changed. Now the question to them is “WHAATTT, your brand doesn’t have a chatbot?”

Are you the one who doesn't have a chatbot?

If not, don’t worry. You’ve got our back!!

Initially, on Facebook, the complete focus would be on product promotion, product placement and everything about the PRODUCT. The focus has now changed to customer engagement, customer experience and everything about the CUSTOMER. Between product and the customer, there is communication. How well are you able to communicate?

A Chatbot is an emerging technology that helps you to communicate with your customer over the internet.

Here is how integrating an AI chatbot to your Facebook page, can do 5 amazing things to your brand:

1. Increases customer engagement

A multi-purpose chatbot aims to increase customer engagement rate. Address the issue and making the customer feel the how are they important for the brand.

2. Increase customer support

Chatbot is a keen listener. It listens to customer and process the information to give a delightful experience. This delightful experience leads to a better customer support.

3. Increase retention rate

A case of the Icelandair Chatbot, 36% of users who interacted with the chatbot, came back to the brand and interacted with the chatbot for at least a second time. Chatbot is addictive because it is doing something that people love CHATTING.

4. Strong connection

Even if you are offline, your chatbot is awake like a night owl. Be it any time of the day or night chatbot address every query with the same level efficiency.

5. High rate of conversation

As per a report by Hubspot 37% of consumers would rather buy items via a company's Facebook page than their website. A well-designed chatbot helps you to capture important leads via chat.

if-else condition in chatbot

Sounds amazing, right?

Creating this won’t take more than your favourite series one episode. With Floatbot you can do this within 15 minutes. Floatbot is Omni-Channel AI-powered messaging channel with live chat support. With Floatbot’s chatbot, you can integrate into multiple social platforms. It allows you to interact with your audience and allow rich engagement with its unique set of features. We don’t want you to have an encounter to question like, what you don’t have a chatbot? Or How do will you increase customer engagement? This is the most organic way to do this.

Give it a try today. Contact us now. We are wait for you!!

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