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  • Call or Text at 800-YRB-RAND – Unified Call and Text Experience Across Voicebot and Chatbot

Call or Text at 800-YRB-RAND – Unified Call and Text Experience Across Voicebot and Chatbot

Unified Call & Text is a synonym for delivering a superior customer experience. It's like having a call or text chat with a personal assistant.

  • Apr 25 2022


Unified Call and Text
  • Jon calls his insurance company to file claims FNOL for the property damage. The Voicebot from the company’s side responds   
  • After hearing about the incident, the bot asks him to share personal information and details of the accident  
  • Now Jon answers the questions asked by the bot on the call and shares documents and pictures over the texting app - as if he is having conversation to a real human agent over both call and text  
  • The Claims FNOL is filed and sent for the next steps. Simple as that. 

"Unified Call and Text" is a synonym for delivering a superior customer experience. It's like having a conversation with a personal assistant who is available over call and Text (SMS).  

In the above scenario, you saw how AI-Powered conversational bot enables a consistent, seamless, and personalized conversation over call and text. It means you can automate customer interactions without compromising customer experience. 

The unified bot, Floatbot UNO, acts as a Voicebot on Call and Chatbot on text enabling the user to seamlessly switch between text and Call. 

Why “Unified Call and Text”?

In today's competitive market, customer-facing businesses are doing everything to meet (and exceed) ever-evolving customer expectations. It's the main reason behind the sudden rise of Conversational AI Voicebots and Chatbots - which promises a better customer experience at lower operational costs.  

“Unified Call and Text" is the next step in this customer experience transformation journey that gives you a competitive edge. Customers prefer a consistent experience across channels, especially calls and SMS.   

Floatbot acts as a Voicebot over call and Chatbot over text - the same session of the conversation is shared across call and text, so consistency is maintained. 

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Where “Unified Call and Text” Works the Best?

Although “unified Call and Text” is relevant in all types of conversations happening with your customers over Call and Text, these are the top use cases for it 

Customer Support

"Unified Calls and Text" enables you to be there for your customer 24x7. It's like keeping a personalized, intelligent assistant for each of your customers, available over call and SMS. And the best part, it reduces customer costs too. 

“Unified Call and Text” increases CSAT scores up to 80% and reduces support costs up to 40%

Outbound calls

Lately, businesses have started leveraging AI-powered Voicebot for outbound calling/telemarketing, especially for presale journeys, such as lead qualifications. However, the common challenge is that prospects may not be much responsive to outbound calls. This is where "unified call and text" can help. For example, when the customer doesn't pick up the call, the Chatbot can text them, explaining the context of the call. 

"Unified Call and Text" gets 60% more responses from the customers than regular outbound calls

Retail Businesses

Retail businesses are the early adopters of AI-powered Voicebots and Chatbots, and the bots are doing a great job at assisting customers. But you can do even better with "unified call and text" as it further amplifies customer experience. 

You can assist your customers across call and text through unified Voicebot and Chatbot for a variety of retail use cases, such as 

  • Providing information about products 
  • Recommendations 
  • Locate nearby store 
  • Manage orders and deliveries 
  • Track orders 
  • Post-purchase support 
  • Take customer feedback 

A consistent, unified customer experience can boost retail sales by up to 150%


At the beginning of the blog, you came across a real-life example of how consistent experience across call and text transforms the Claims FNOL journey for the customer.  

There are many other use cases where "Unified Call and Text" can be rewarding. For example,  

  • Assist customers during the presale journey (Increase digital sales) 
  • Automate customer support 
  • Automate outbound calling/telemarketing 
  • Assist customers with insurance renewals 

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The customer experience transformation journey doesn't end with AI-Powered Voicebots and Chatbots. There is always going to be more innovation and new approaches. "Unified Call and Text" is one such innovation that creates a huge difference in customer experience. 

Floatbot is one of the rarest conversation AI platforms that provide this functionality. Learn more about Floatbot UNO