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Is Voice Biometrics the Future of User Authentication?

We have all heard about data breaches & their impact. But is there anything we can do about it? Perhaps we can, Can Voice Biometrics help? let’s find out.

  • Mar 17 2022
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Voice Biometrics

90% of internet users are worried about getting their passwords hacked.-Dataprot.net

The above is a Scary Statistic for sure. In today’s digital times, where “Data is the New Oil”, privacy, security, and integrity of data are of paramount importance. We have all heard about data breaches and their potential impact. But is there anything we can do about it? Perhaps we can, let’s find out... 

What is Voice Biometrics?

Voice biometrics is a type of user authentication technology that involves speech identification and verification. It is a contactless technology that works at a faster rate than traditional authentication methods. Simply put, it uses voice as a password to verify the user. 

As per ID R&D, Voice Biometrics is the science of using a person’s voice as a unique identifying biological characteristic to authenticate them.

Why do we need Voice Biometrics?

In today’s digital world, where there is a great increase in cybercrimes, traditional passcodes and fingerprints are prone to techniques like hacking and cloning. Voice biometrics help overcome all these barriers and are much faster in implementation. 

Voice biometrics help in speaker identification with state-of-the-art voice recognition technology, fraud detection to detect and report frauds to relevant authorities and even serve as a layer of preventive security in case of future attacks. 

 Biometrics Table

How does Voice Biometrics work?

Voice Biometrics involves 3 main parts, namely Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR), Speech Quality Measurement & Language Detection. 

Automatic Speech Recognition refers to the process of uniquely identifying the caller based on the voice of the caller. 

Per Science Direct, Automatic speech recognition is a high-tech that makes machines turn the speech signal to the corresponding text or command after recognizing and understanding.

Speech quality measurement involves measuring important parameters related to voice-like tone, clarity, noise, frequency, and sampling. 

Lastly, language detection helps in determining the language of the caller. One doesn’t need a translator or online checker to detect the spoken language. 

What are the benefits of Voice Biometrics?

Faster KYC

The main benefit of Voice biometrics is that it helps in identifying the caller by listening to the speech sample. People can clone fingerprints but not Voice easily. 

This speeds up the process of knowing your customer (KYC), saves the effort and resources to manually input the details, and results in faster processing of information. 

Speaker & Content Detection

Voice biometrics not only helps in user identification but also helps decipher the content and context of the conversation. Simply put, it can both understand and interpret the conversation. 


Voice Biometrics helps in acting as a prefilter to sort important calls from others. Its ability to understand and analyze saves the effort in sorting through calls. 

Lead Generation

Prefiltered calls can be managed and assigned to human agents for better resolution and lead generation. Lead generation helps in profiling prospects. 

Wide Applicability

Voice Biometrics today, is being widely used and implemented in the BFSI (Banking, Financial Services & Insurance) sector. Almost all leading banks and insurance companies are deploying it for user authentication due to its cost-effectiveness and security features. 

How can we Help?

We at Floatbot, offer a state-of-the-art solution, Floatbot Armor, that provides multiple benefits:

No coding required

Floatbot Armor is a SaaS-based No Code, Voice Biometric that helps keep fraudsters at bay. It can be integrated with your existing platform within days. No need for any IT coding or development to integrate the solution. 

Power of AI

Our Deep Tech AI solutions combine intelligence with multitasking capabilities to deliver a delightful customer experience. 


Multilingual support helps in identifying the caller no matter the language, time zone, or geographic location they are in. Floatbot offers support for over 150+ languages and their identification. 

Text independent

The caller doesn’t have to speak a particular combination of words to be identified, Floatbot Armor can recognize the speaker even in unstructured calling. 

Omnichannel Support

No matter the medium in which the user is contacting, be it Calls, Video Calls, or even YouTube, the caller can be identified accurately and in real-time. 


Floatbot Armor helps in mapping of voice within a couple of seconds to generate a voiceprint, store it for future identification and verification purposes. This analysis is useful in determining the characteristics of the sample voice. 

As per Merriam Webster, An individually distinctive pattern of certain voice characteristics is spectrographically produced.

Any Challenges?

As with any other piece of tech, Voice Biometric has its fair set of challenges too. Certain issues related to the use of automated software to modulate voice, people feeling visual authentication or face unlock is more secure are certain issues that need to be addressed.  

Concerns related to data privacy and security are there too but they can be resolved with stronger data protection laws, privacy policies, and terms of use. 

Future Roadmap?

In this Post Covid Era, especially with greater attention to hygiene and social distancing, contactless technology is going to be the future. There cannot be a better chance to jump on the bandwagon of Voice Biometrics, other than now. The security features it offers, the ease of access, the potential it has are all signs of future-ready software. Voice Biometrics offers user authentication in a simple, secure, and cost-effective manner. What more can one need from user authentication software? So, are you ready to hop in? Feel free to reach out to us in case of any queries.