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  • Launch your AI Voicebot in less than 1 hour!

Launch your AI Voicebot in less than 1 hour!

Launch your Conversational AI Voicebot integrated with Contact Center in less than 1 hour using Floatbot's AI Conversational Platform.

  • Apr 06 2021


Voice bot

We all know how the world has transformed during this pandemic and not miss out on the businesses that have remodeled themselves to make it more convenient for the customers. If your business demands contacting and communicating with all your customers, then it’s high time you have a customer contact center for your company.

Have you always dreamt of an easy AI integrated contact center for all your customer success solutions?

And can you believe you can do all of it in less than an hour? And to add on, if I say it requires no-coding, would you even believe that?  

Absolutely YES! It is all possible, and I know it sounds great!

Floatbot’s DIY no-code bot builder allows you to develop a multilingual voicebot in just a single hour. It can increase digital sales and automate customer support, generate and qualify leads, thus providing the best user experience. With this, you can now automate thousands of inbound and outbound calls with personalized responses for every user.

How is Floatbot’s voice chatbot different from other bots in the market?

Here are a set of comprehensive features that can be found only in Floatbot.

Multilingual Support

– supports 150+ languages


– can be launched across various channels like mobile apps(IOS and Android), Facebook Messenger, Skype, Slack, Web Portal, Amazon, Alexa, Telegram, Google Assistant, Google Home, and Whatsapp

Seamless switch between chat and voice

– bot becomes a chatbot on chat channels and voicebot on voice channels. It can also seamlessly switch chat to voice and vice versa. Your customers can chat after the call or can get into a call after a chat.

Human-like Experience

- your customers would feel like they are talking to a human agent live.

Funnel-View Analytics

- you can view your customers in different stages of the funnel and decide on the sales

Outbound dialer module

- to schedule outbound calls, you can opt for an outbound dialer module pre-integrated with Floatbot UNO.


Here are the five easy steps to build the voicebot in our Floatbot platform

1. Develop your voicebot in our DIY no-code platform.

Login to your Floatbot account and go to bot builder. In the workflow session, create your conversational flow according to the functionalities you want. You can add entities and objections which will help the bot to answer the user. Our advanced AI detects user intent and the bot responds accordingly.

2. Test the voicebot on different chat channels

You can test the bot on any chat channels like WhatsApp, Slack, Telegram, Messenger, and many more.

3. Test on voice channels

The bot can seamlessly integrate with the contact center solution. Test on voice channels like calls to check the response. The bot takes less than 1 second to respond.

4. Deploy the voicebot

Voice AI-based Smart Assistants

The bot built on the Floatbot platform can easily integrate with any contact center solution. Deploy the voicebot with your contact center partner.

5. Analyze and improvise


Voice AI-based Smart Assistants

The session shows the log of the previous conversations the bot had with the user.

User Queries


The User Queries shows what the user says, the bot’s response to the user, user intent, emotion, and the best match to the answer given by the user.

Funnel View

Voice AI-based Smart Assistants

Funnel View shows the number of Drop off users. It shows which user is in which part of the sales journey.

Floatbot’s  analyze section helps you analyze user behavior, bot’s response to user queries, user sentiment, and usage pattern. You can find the major areas where the bot needs training. You can get deep insights into how the bot is performing, and how the users are responding to the bot. The bot can save these data to its knowledge base and train itself.  

How easy and simple was that?

About Floatbot

At Floatbot, we are focused on enhancing Customer Support through our smart conversational AI-based Chatbots and Voicebots. The bot build on the Floatbot platform is truly omnichannel – chatbot on chat channels and voicebot on a voice channel. The bot is pre-trained with 1000s of Contextual AI rules, so the bot can switch from voice channel to chat without losing the context. If you want to know more about our Voicebot/Chatbot and how your business can leverage it to enrich your CX, connect with us here.