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  • Floatbot Introduces Telegram Integration

Floatbot Introduces Telegram Integration

Here are the steps of integrating chatbot with telegram.

  • Jun 23 2018
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Create telegram bot

Telegram is a cloud-based instant messaging service. Now you can easily intergrate your chatbot to telegram. Follow the following steps to know how!

Step 1: To integrate your chatbot, you will need to download the application on your phone. You can click on this link https://telegram.org/apps and download the app.

Step 2: After successfully downloading the app, open the application and in the search bar search for Bot Father( Bot father is a verified account)

Step 3: Open the chat window of Bot father and send a message saying /newbot

Step 4: In reply to your message, Bot father will ask you few details like 

Bot name: Name of your bot

Username: It is important for your username to end with bot. eg: Billbot or Chrisbot.

Adding bot at the end of your username is compulsory.

Step 5: After giving these details, you will receive a message saying your bot is successfully made and in the same message you will see a token called HTTP API.

Step 6: Copy that token and paste it on the Telegram setting on Floatbot.

By doing this step your telegram is integrated!!

To make any changes in your Telegram bot simply send a message to Bot father saying /start.  Bot father will give you all necessary details regarding your bot.