Mar 29, 2019

Chatbot for Freshdesk - Floatbot chatbot on Freshdesk

Freshdesk is an online help desk software that helps you provide customer support across email, phone, chat, and more. 

Now, your AI-powered chatbot can also be integrated on Freshdesk. Two different needs met under one roof.
- The need of a human agent.
- The need to use the latest technology to connect with your customers.

This integration helps you to ace your customer engagement and also reduce your customer support burden. Here the agent takes care of the complex queries and saves productive hours of answering regular FAQs.

Understand by the following points, how this integration works:

  • When a chatbot can answer a query thrice or when the customer requests to talk to an agent, the conversation is passed to the dedicated human agent.  

  • As per the request, a ticket gets raised on the Freshdesk's dashboard, using that ticket the agent will be able to join the conversation. 

  • The agent gets access to the conversation history and proactively resolve customers’ question.

This integration doesn’t require any coding. We make it much easier to integrate within minutes. To give your customers a seamless experience, contact us right away.

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