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  • Chatbot for WhatsApp - The most powerful integration ever!

Chatbot for WhatsApp - The most powerful integration ever!

We are glad to announce whatsapp integration with floatbot. Now chatbot can help you manage plenty of business inquiries on whatsapp.

  • Mar 28 2019
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WhatsApp Integration

When it comes to messaging and connecting to people, WhatsApp is undeniably the most powerful tool with 1.6 billion monthly active users and with 60 billion messages sent every day.

Since the day, WhatsApp has launched its Business API it has opened an opportunity for business owners/ brands to communicate with their audience on a day to day bases.

And we believe you can extract the best out of this opportunity by integrating your chatbot on WhatsApp. We as a chatbot development platform have been working closely on WhatsApp integration.

This will give our customers the convenience to communicate with their customers like never before. We are among the few platforms that allow WhatsApp integration in a hassle-free manner.

A business typically communicates on WhatsApp in two different ways

1. Business Initiated Messages

Businesses like Bookmyshow, KLM, Makemytrip and many more uses WhatsApp to send all the details regarding their bookings on WhatsApp. After the customer has made a purchase/booked a ticket, the details are sent to the customer on WhatsApp. This makes it easier for customers to check their details anytime. Look at the below example.



2. Customer Support

Business have also started giving customer support through WhatsApp. If  user’s have query then they can directly message the business on whatsapp and get a quick response to their query.



This integration will help you in the following ways:

- Improve customer experience by simple, yet effective conversations. 

- Immediate query management during emergency hours.

- Nurture Leads

- Automate your WhatsApp conversation

- Focus on the utility, the simplicity and the quality of service.

It will help you to become a part of your customers’ daily life as you will be available on the most preferred platform.

Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with your customers like never before. Contact us right away for WhatsApp integration.