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Create Multiple Chatbots with Floatbot

For different requirements of your business create multiple chatbots easily. Sign-up for floatbot and then you can create multiple chatbots inside one account as per selected pricing plan.

  • Mar 13 2018


multiple chatbots

A business can have various requirements depending upon the services or products offered. While implementing a chatbot for a business it is not necessary that all the services or products can be implemented in one chatbot.

There may be possibility a chatbot can involve limited functionalities as adding to those functionalities can make a bot inappropriate.

And therefore now floatbot allows you to create multiple floatbots inside 1 floatbot account.

Now you can create multiple bots with a single floatbot account as per your selected pricing plan.

While signing-up for the first time, by default the first bot is created. And above that, there is option to create a new bot.


Add multiple floatbots


This feature enable you to:

  • Embrace various elements of your business
  • Implement dedicated bots for different functionalities.
  • Prioritize your business goal and make a bot as per that.

We are sure that you’ll love this feature as we all love words like extra/multi-featured/ multitasking.