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Mar 30, 2018

live chat in floatbot

You can add agents to your floatbot who can chat with the customers when needed. In many cases, customers directly want to contact human agents for support, and they don’t want to chat with bot, therefore to give them live support, floatbot introduces agent chat.


To Add Agents and Enable Agent Chat in your Bot follow below steps:


Step 1: Goto Agent Tab from the floatbot dashboard

Add agent


Step 2: From here you can see agent details and you can add, edit or delete the details.

Agent Details


Step 3: Click on Add from the right of the dashboard to add the agent and fill all the details. Add name, email-id, select the bots and set the password.

Add agent Details



Step 4: After adding agents to the bot, now you need to check out agent chat settings in configure section.

Agent triggering phrases


From here you can turn on or off the agent chat and set the triggering words or phrases for live chat invocation. By default if the bot fails to answer for three times then it will automatically switch to live agent.

Once you turn on the agent chat, it will enable the live agent chat flow in the chatbot dashboard (Only visible if agent chat is turned ON). This flow gets started when the user asks for live chat.


Step 5: Agents can login with the Email-Id and password (created while adding agent) from agent webapp: https://floatbot.ai/livechat/ and manage their chats with customers from live chat dashboard.

When a user asks for live chat, agent dedicated to the bot gets the notification in the live chat dashboard in “New Visitors” tab.

Ask for live chat


When agent clicks on to chat with the user, the agent joins the chat and can continue chat with the user.


live chat


The list of users can be seen from the “Online visitors” tab. Agents can also check the history of all the live chats from history tab. Team tab shows the list of all the agents added in that floatbot account.

From the right of the dashboard agents can exit chat after talking to users.


Agent exit


With this feature you facilitate your users with 100% guaranteed support.
Go and set an agent to give a satisfied experience to the users.
For any queries, you can contact us anytime.


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