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  • Compliment your Dialogflow Chatbot with Floatbot's Advance Features

Compliment your Dialogflow Chatbot with Floatbot's Advance Features

Floatbot consists of many unique features that can compliment your dialogflow bot. Now add more functionalities to your existing dialogflow chatbot.

  • Aug 01 2018


Dialogflow account with Floatbot

Dialogflow is a popular platform that helps to develop a voice and text-based interface. They allow you to create chatbot and let's you connect on various platforms like Facebook Messenger, Kik, Slack, Line, Telegram, Viber, etc.

With its NLP engine, it trains the bot with user intent to trigger an accurate response. All the intents trained in Dialogflow can be used on our platform as well. You can connect your Dialogflow account with Floatbot.

By doing this you will be able to enjoy features of both the platforms to make the most out of it. To know more about Dialogflow you can visit www.dialogflow.com


Using the Dialogflow engine you can build a chatbot on our platform. You also have a choice to pick Floatbot as your AI engine. You can read here how to use Google Dialogflow with Floatbot.





What benefits do you get to unlock using Floatbot with Dialogflow?

Floatbot is an omnichannel chatbot development platform that helps to provide a better user experience through an AI chatbot.

Some platforms have limited usage of resources that hold you back from trying various resourceful ways of enhancing your communication. Our platform has a hand full of features for you to explore.  


Our features include:



A workflow plans the direction of your bot. It helps to strategically plan how your bot is going to trigger information based on the queries. You can combine various elements to build a compelling and resourceful chatbot.

The workflow includes Text with Button + Buy, User input (with validation and NLP), Image display (dynamic), Gallery with products/services with buy (dynamic), If-else, Login/Sign-up, JSON API for third-party integration, Location, Variable management (System, User-defined). Read about each workflow element here.




Login/ sign up

Allow your customers to login to a particular portal with their mobile number or customer ID from the chatbot. For example, A chatbot in the banking sector will help to avail personalized services such as “What is my account balance”, “Show me my last transaction” after login. 





Enable payment gateways like Razorpay, Paypal, and Paytm to let your customers buy/pay for products or services within the bot. These payment gateways are pre-configured in Floatbot all you need to do is enter your details and get started.




Fallback to live chat

Let your human agent lead a conversation when the bot is not able to reply to a specific query. When the bot is unable to answer a query thrice, Floatbot automatically switches the conversation to an agent. Another way in which the bot allows to switch to a human agent is when the user directly requests to talk to an agent.  




Customer engagement

Connect with your user by not only solving their queries but also sending targeted broadcasts like updates, polls, surveys, offer posts, and so on to increase customers’ interest.





DIY - No Coding required

Floatbot being a DIY chatbot development platform, you can create your chatbot without any technical qualifications. You can read how easy it is to build a chatbot from scratch without any coding



Sessions keep a record of all the conversations that the user has with the bot. So whenever the user wishes to know the last conversation it had with the bot they can do by clicking on the backward arrow giving details like the time, date, and the conversation history.  





This feature allows your users to send you their location within a conversation by moving the location icon from the Google maps. With the help of their latitude and longitude, the bot is able to fetch the user’s location.




Variable management

Floatbot captures various user data through variable like IP, country, city and other types of information that you’ve received from the user.





The If-else condition in the bot allows controlling the flow of response based on user’s attribute. The bot performances different actions based on different conditions.




Floatbot features




Floatbot as a platform works on 5 important parameters that are AI conversational engine, Channel, API access, Payment, and NLP engine.


AI conversational engine

The AI conversational engine works to understand user intent and build a complete conversation around it. For example, for a travel bot, your flows would consist of questions like location, date of travel, and so on. With the help of conversational AI, all these questions become one complete conversation. So whenever a user will type intents like book or I want to book a ticket the bot will trigger this conversation.


Using our platform you can build a transactional chatbot giving users the convenience of making payment for services and buying products without switching between different portals. With pre-configured payment gateways like Paytm, Paypal and Razorpay fill in your details and get started. 


Bot developed on Floatbot can be integrated on multiple platforms like Facebook, Slack, Skye, Amazon Alexa, Google home, Telegram, Zendesk, Website, IOS, Android, and Google calendar. By integrating you make your brand available on platforms where your audience already is.

API Access

With API access you allow your application to be connected to 3rd parties API for the bot to perform the required action.

NLP engine

You can select the NLP engine for your bot. Floatbot has its own engine and if you’re willing to use Dialogflow account on our platform you get access to the above-mentioned features which you may not get to experience on other platforms.






It becomes an ideal deal for you to compliment your account on our platform. Try it out today!! If you have any questions regarding it. We are a message away, you can write to us on connect@floatbot.ai