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  • A to Z of e-commerce chatbot - A guide on e-commerce chatbot

A to Z of e-commerce chatbot - A guide on e-commerce chatbot

A complete guide on ecommerce chatbot, get to know all about importance of ecommerce chatbot and how it can be implemented.

  • Nov 23 2018
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Ecommerce chatbot

Shopping will never go out of style. We all agree to this. Don’t we? Over the period of time, buyers are experiencing a change in their shopping patterns.

The experiences are changing because of shopping coming online. Statistics say, 96% of Americans shop online, and the majority of those shoppers prefer shopping online for reasons like saving time and avoiding crowds.

Where online buying is escalating chatbots are becoming the cherry on the cake.  And swiftly made their way on many e-commerce platforms.

In this blog, get a complete guide on how chatbot works in an e-commerce sector. Let us exercise the wh-questions to understand this.

What tasks do E-commerce chatbots do?

In simple words, chatbots are virtual assistants that initiate meaningful and healthy conversations on various online platforms. To know more about them, you can read our blog here a complete guide on what is a chatbot and how to use a chatbot.

They play different roles in every sector based on the requirements. On e-commerce portals, they are popularly used to:

-Automate FAQs

- Provide personalized assistance to the customers.

-Improve their experience.

- Work around the clock to provide 24-hour customer support.

Why should you use an E-commerce chatbot? 

Chatbots are known for its ability to automate query, but they work beyond this. The reason why they have become the most liked are as follows:

Conversational Approach.
Chat has become the easiest way for customers to connect to any brand. Over 8 billion messages are exchanged between customers and businesses on Messenger each month. This two-way exchange of messages keeps the brand continuously engaged with their customers.

Convenience to pay online.
Paying online exploded the online buying patterns. It changed the way customers started to pay for their online favorite product or service. Now even chatbots are able to provide this service. Striking conversations as well as completing the payment cycle.

Login using chatbot
It is also possible for the customers to login from the chatbot itself. Customers can log in to their account within the chatbot and avail personalized services.  The login can be using their email, mobile number and OTP, and customer ID.

Human-based conversation
Customers would sometimes directly like to communicate with the human agent. Chatbot gives that convenience without any hassle. It shifts the conversations to the dedicated agent based on customer’s request within minutes.

Where it can serve your business?

Humans are social animal. Currently, we must be present on at least 2 social media platforms. These chatbots can be integrated on social platforms and enterprise applications. This gives the customers the ease to quickly find you on social platforms and message you. They don't have to follow the traditional and time-consuming ways of communicating like emails, forms, or calls. Your chatbot can be integrated on:

Social touch points like Facebook Messenger, Website, IOS, Android, Skype, and Slack

Enterprise applications like Zendesk, Salesforce, Freshdesk, and Zendesk live chat.

Voice assistants like Google home and Amazon Alexa.

Who can implement E-commerce chatbot?

AI chatbot can be used by any marketer. The size of the store doesn't matter as communication and customers play an imperative role for anyone. Chatbots are making their ways in sectors that are generally slow in adopting a technology. They successfully placed them in the healthcare sector, government sector, and online service portals

How it can be implemented?

Chatbot for e-commerce can be implemented in two ways.

1) A basic chatbot that automates your FAQs and saves your time. They don't do anything more than answering questions asked.

2)  AI-based intelligent chat that not only answers FAQs but digs deep in understanding the query with help of AI training. The training involves intents, entities, NLP, and machine learning. This helps the chatbot to understand queries deeply, have a human touch with communicating and strike intelligent conversation.

Using any kind of technology comes with a lot of questions. How to make it or the easiest way to use it. Read our blog on ways to make a chatbot that will answer most of your questions.

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A Quick Tip-

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