Voicebot: A voicebot guide for 2019!

Feb 01, 2019


The moment we hear Voice-assistance or Voice chatbot the first thing that crosses our mind is either Siri or Alexa. These brands have perfectly placed themselves in our day to day lives and certainly being the most useful tool. Now it has become one of the trends, we will be looking forward to in 2019. As per ComScore prediction, 50% of all searches will be accomplished by voice search in 2020.

So what are voice chatbots? , how do they work? and all the other questions that pop-up regarding voice, voice searches, and voice chatbots will get answered in this blog.

Table of content

  • What is voicebot?
  • Types of voicebot
  • How to build a voicebot?
  • Importance of voicebot

What is voicebot?

Voice chatbot is a type of chatbot that works by the voice. They use the primary mode of communication that is voice. They listen to the command given by the speaker and perform the required action.

They are considered as an intelligent way to communicate. Voicebot is commonly integrated into voice assistances like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

Types of voicebot

The most popular type of voicebots currently are:

  • Text-based Voice bot
  • Voice controlled devices

Text-based Voicebot

Text-based voicebot follow speech to text mechanism. They trigger output in form of text/voice based on the command received from the user. 

The input voicebot receives can be in form of text, images, or voice.  The response is either text-based or voice-based. Siri on iPhone and Google assistance on Android are examples of text-based voicebot.

Voice controlled devices

Voice controlled devices purely follow voice as their primary mode of communication. The response from this bot is always voice based. Amazon Echo and Google Homes are examples of voicebot. 

The introduction of such voice-based technology extended the reach of communication which was limited to mobile devices once.

How to build a voicebot?

Each voicebot has its own level of complexity when you decide to do it yourself. But, thanks to technology and voicebot development platforms it gets much easier to develop a voicebot.

Chatbot and voicebot development platforms are well able to work with Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Natural processing language, and other tools that work together to provide a better and intelligent output.

By looking at the dynamic nature of voice it can look interesting to build a voicebot but here you will need to ask yourself some questions. This will help you decide whether you need a voicebot or not.  

Assume you own a grocery store and have adopted a voicebot to reach smart buyers. 

Now, a buyer commands the voice bot to read out today’s vegetable price. The bot performs the activity by reading out every vegetable name, the measure, and their price. Buyer can go through it, evaluate, and make a decision,

In this above example, voicebot is an ideal fit. So before opting for any type of voicebot ask yourself:

  • Does your industry/sector need a voicebot?
  • Who are your target audiences?
  • Which bot can pass the information easily?
  • Will voicebot meet your goal?  

If the answers to these questions are yes. Follow these quick tips:

  • Properly decide the chatbot structure and its functionalities.
  • Choose the device you would want your bot to work.
  • Setup process in Google Assistant and Alexa.
  • Test all the bot functionality, especially on voice. 

Here is a comprehensive guide for you on how to integrate a chatbot with Amazon Alexa. 

Importance of Voicebot

Like chatbots are evolving every day so are voicebot. They have become one of the preferred ways to communicate with this generation of smart buyer.

Statistics say that new generation is looking for a voice assistant to a website or app because it is more convenient (52%); it allows them to multitask and do things without using their hands (48%); it helps them to make recurring purchases (41%). (Conversational Commerce by Capgemini Report – 2018)

Voicebot makes your product easy-to-use by providing information and the convenience to talk from anywhere.

Voicebot is considered one of the biggest trends in 2019. You can read about other trends to look forward to in this year and make sure you don’t miss out any: http://bit.ly/chatbot-trends2019 

 Voicebot gives you a platform to communicate with the users the way they like it. Have a question to ask or want to know more about voicebot development on our platform? Write to us on connect@floatbot.ai. We would be happy to help you!



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