Integrate floatbot in Android App

Dec 22, 2017

Integrate floatbot in Android App

To integrate floatbot SDK follow below steps:

  • To integrate floatbot SDK follow below steps:
  • Depending upon FCM or GCM, call methods using different functions (checkout developer section).
  • Add maven { ... } part of code like below inside project level build.gradle file.
  • Open build.gradle inside module that will use floatbot and simply add a dependency. .
  • To start using Floatbot in android app, write FloatBot.startChat(this,”Bot ID”,”Token”,"Bot name") anywhere in your activity/fragment.

           The detailed steps of android integration are explained under developer section.


Benefits of integrating Floatbot in Android App

  • Business can broadcast messages through floatbot and engage customers by sending regular updates. .
  • With the help of iBeacon technology, any business can notify about offers and discounts to nearby people.
  • App users get replies to their queries inside the App itself.
  • It becomes easy to identify the returning users in the App, and this helps in gathering information about their past experience.

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