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Integrate Floatbot with Facebook

Integrate Floatbot with Facebook page, Creating a chatbot is easy with Floatbot. Create a chatbot and follow the steps to connect to Facebook, you can also watch video for same.

  • Jan 15 2018


Facebook Messenger integration with Floatbot

Floatbot launches integration with Facebook. Now connect your floatbot in your facebook page and engage your customers with ease.

Follow below steps to integrate floatbot with facebook.

  • Login to Floatbot Dashboard
  • Goto chatbot settings.
  • Click on Connect to facebook
  • Login to your Facebook to connect your pages.
  • Check for your details and edit info if required and continue.
  • Check for the floatbot permissions and allow for permissions to continue.
  • Select the facebook page you want to connect with floatbot.

These steps completes the floatbot connectivity, Now test the connectivity by following below steps.

To test the connectivity

  • Goto the page from chat section by searching with the name of the page.
  • If you see Get started option Click on get started option

 Below video shows the detailed steps of configuring floatbot with Facebook



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